Cigarettes is my friend on my whole life

#lin20160305#Can't remember when to meet you, can't remember when to fall in love with you, can't remember how many years we have been together.Newport cigarettes, are you tired?To accompany me to walk all the way to the now, had been indifferent, suffered little mockery, but I never greet you, care about you, Newport cigarettes, do you hate? I admit that I am a man who can only sigh social reality, just think very sad people.When the innocence of childhood happiness has not appeared in your mind, be buried deeply.When, love can only become deep-rooted, was deeply memories.When life is no longer as easy to eat satisfied wear warm, was deeply to escape!Along the line, a potholes, I walk in a muddy dirt road, used to see, see through, don't want to see. Newport cigarettes, you have been to me, for the sake of what?parliament cigarettesCan't remember how many tears of night, is that you have been hear of me.Are you hurt my lungs, let my heart no longer so pain.You make me place oneself in the Newport cigarettes, can't see and enjoy the ecstasy. Newport cigarettes, you have been burning themselves, finally the rest can only be gone with the wind, for the sake of what?I saw a sentence "Newport cigarette linger on the fingers, fingers but gave the cigarette to his lips; Newport cigarette kissed the lips heart to the lungs; lung thought got cigarettes really don't know hurt yourself. Is betrayal achievement of finger Newport cigarettes amorous, or lips greed led to the lung sad. Life in Newport cigarettes, ageless fantasy, smoke Newport cigarettes from the sentimental, but the light burn myself left bottom" is like this, you told me in your heart?Or tell me, you and me with disease, wounds into a foregone conclusion loneliness. Happiness, you all know, all understand, just want to let myself a person to see through to see through, there is a you to share, to share is enough.You told me that there is value, namely the world who can give up, never give up on yourself.You tell me, is the life of our request is too high, don't have to ignore it, be yourself, walk oneself to let others see!I never trust you planned to pay will appear in my body, you make me believe!You make me believe that, in the face of gossip, to do the most true of yourself!You make me believe that persistence can change a person!You make me believe that life is burning all also want to leave their bad!You make me believe that everything is an illusion, I just haven't wake up. Newport cigarettes, thank you for your company, this life have you is enough Newport Short Cigarettes