The name of the Marlboro cigarettes

#lin20160305# It is said that the name of the marlboro cigarettes (marlboro) is a combination of the first letters of several words, "Man Always Remember Love Because of carried Only" (men Remember Love Because romantic).This sentence behind a related to this story: When the man is young, he was very poor.Although he loved her, and the girl's family is very rich.Although he is very smart, but he is poor, so the girl's parents don't allow them to marry, the girl can only marry someone else.In the final farewell that day, the boy asks girl promised him one thing: through a Marlboro cigarette time to accompany him.Just finished the time needed for a packet of Marlboro cigarettes.The girl agreed.So the boy opened the Marlboro cigarette, smoke, recall the girl again and he had the love of the past together.Girl left him, and the boy went on to become the boss of Marlboro cigarette factories, his factory named "Marlboro cigarettes.Boy in order to commemorate the name by the love that has been lost. When he fell in love with this girl,newport 100s this paragraph of time becomes a lingering his life forever love. Man always remember love because of romantic only Men remember love because romance As usual, and others to convince.Karen and ignored him because Karen know, they don't know these flowers to her how important it is.Because only the fragrance of the flower with Karen through this dark cold sixteen spring, summer, autumn and winter... Her lad still had a reluctant to leave, in the face of kyrre served cold, he didn't seem to care about.Young man is a system of tobacco, popular point is a craftsman smoked cigarettes.Gradually, the young man began to fall in love with the girl.He likes to see her give her the story that curious expression, like to see is the smile she saw him.He admired her, angel heart envy her have beautiful appearance and the Roland.He pity her, pity her unfair life, pity the stains left her sad time.Perhaps the power of love is so great, so mysterious. Young man with Karen the Roland smoked a cigarette in the garden, the taste is so different and unique flavor.The taste is full of melancholy is full of temptation.Karen, I succeeded, I smoked out of him.Was so beautiful." Guy seemed to use from this life to achieve through the speed to the garden, Karen is not here.As Karen gave the young man luo blue that night, she fell ill.Serious kind of rheumatic heart disease.Boy crying, he hated himself, he hated myself to accept the flowers, he hates himself took the kyrre served only the flower of life. He went to the hospital, to Karen about all this.He summoned up one hundred 20 courage to Karen said, said that he loved her.Five months later, the young man really bring the penetration of the patent right back to the town.It is waiting for him, that the cross of loneliness in the garden. Maybe nobody will feel the pain of feeling... Karen left, leaving, is only the garden beautiful violet, open for her... Lonely on the cross, a final message to young man: man always remember love because of carried only. Newport Short Cigarettes